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We are able to ship our award winning spirits only within Canada.
Due to interprovincial trade restrictions we are unable to ship to QUE, NB or NFLD.

Epitaph Gin


750ml Bottle

Our award winning Blue Gin. Unite this blue gin with tonic or citrus and watch it’s violet transformation. Well made, for lives well lived!

Epitaph Barrel Aged Gin


750ml Bottle

The new Epitaph Barrel Aged Gin has been aged in bourbon barrels since December of 2018, waiting for you to take it home and cheers to an excellent day.

Epitaph Berry Blossom Gin


750ml Bottle

Blackberry and Blackcurrant berries expertly accented with blossoms of Elderflower and Chamomile create wonderful unique Gin with all the smooth drinkable craftsmanship you have come to expect from an Epitaph Gin.

Gin & Soda


6 PACK, 355ml

Enjoy the subtlties of our gin, surrounded with the clean crisp finish of our soda. When you want a smooth, refreshingly clean drink that won’t overpower, try this low calorie favorite.

Available for local delivery only.

Premium Gin Handcrafted In Small Batches